What are the Marketing Ideas for Leads on Facebook?

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is a business marketing fact. You can use it for cold calling, door to door business and even the daily operation of your company. Over 71% of all adults use Facebook daily. So, the big question is how do you get that 71% to interact with you and your Facebook page? There are actions and ideas out there that will help prospects find you in the vast internet world! Here are a few that can get you started in creating a busy page!

Start with a simple business page. Create an attractive and colorful header that immediately states what your business is and make sure all of your contact information is at the top of the design. Then, post your first comment. Make sure you “share” the comment on your personal page to begin to attract your “friends” that you have already accumulated! Posting an interesting comment with a picture helps with appeal to the masses.

If you write a blog, post that to your new business Facebook page. And make sure to share it on your personal page and ask others to share it also. The average blog can convert 2-10% of its visitors into leads. Traffic from Facebook turns into leads once they read your blog.

Getting Likes is the groundwork method in getting people to follow you and care about what you are posting. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to like your page the second you make it! Try to invite over 100 people as only some will actually follow through and like the page.

The Graphics are very important because they are the first thing to catch the eye and you want them to make your page look great! Good graphics can increase conversion by 16.5%. You can create your own graphics or have a designer make art that you can use as your Brand. There are also websites like graphicstock.com that you can use their artwork and then still others that can help you design like canva.com. Just make sure that your graphics are inviting!

Ideas about what to post on your new page are in the millions! Post things about how to sell a home. Explain how to sell a home faster. Write about tips on staging or lawn care or even financing. Anything that has to do with your field can be posted and ready for comment and discussion.

Write about Buying a house; how to buy a house for more; how to find the perfect realtor; how to find the right financing; how to figure out the best neighborhood.

Post videos of the community. There are many videos at the chamber of commerce and the travel and tourism bureau that are available for you to show off the community and all of its events and amenities. They will help your SEO and perform well on Facebook.

Post images and pictures of standout homes in your town. Create a Facebook page only about incredible houses in your city or state. These pages are liked more often than regular business pages. And give you direct access to tons of home buyers.

Memes are those funny images that get people laughing and are good when used sparingly. Post when they are appropriate to an event or a type of day.

Review a local restaurant, hair stylist or new shopping center. You can cross promote each other! Stay on the positive side of reviews and all will be right in the universe!

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Make sure that you publicly send Thank You’s not only to your clients but also to those that may help your client like a tree trimmer or a plumber. Thank Yous are the best type of PR.

Post a “Welcome To The Community” for your latest buyers who may have moved from somewhere else. If you have a large following, they too will want to welcome the new arrivals and they will become instant stars and everyone will want to meet them!

Help out other business people by posting a list of your Preferred Vendors. A preferred vendors list is something not only for your own personal reference but also for your followers and for your clients to reference.

Everyone loves a story and Real Estate Stories can be the best: Did something happen nationally in real estate? Write about it and make it matter for your local audience. Or was there a fabulous story about one of your clients? Also write about it. Consistently posting endearing stories always creates a following.

Photos are extremely important in attracting followers. Cute photos are a great thing to share. Make sure your posts have an image attached as posts with images perform a lot better on Facebook. Social media is very image driven and will become even more so as the majority of users surf on their phones. This means images that are viral and pop will always get more engagement than just a text update from a page.

Writing about DIY ideas are what most homeowners love. Although Pinterest is a better network for these types of posts, there is still a place for them on your Facebook page.

When writing your posts, strive for comments and likes. Facebook has made lots of changes to their algorithm. They are trying to only promote popular content. This means all of your content needs to matter so that you can get those likes and comments.

You must post consistently in order to be noticed on Facebook. Companies that have planned out their posts and don’t let their page go dead are always growing their following numbers. Letting your page become idle for too long of a time will cause people to forget about you!

Keep it active with interesting information, pictures and even shares, and you will become a part of your followers daily agenda. Posting once per day is more than likely not enough! Some companies post as much as 8 times per day, and on some days, over 10 times. In some ways, this could be too much, but if the statistics are showing an upward swing then it is just right!

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Facebook is always changing. Every day there is some new engagement trick that is offered so it is more important than ever to be flexible and adjust with the changes and to be open to trying new things.

The key to spreading your online visibility and establishing business credibility is a well-built website that reflects your products and services in an organized, modern, and aesthetically pleasing design. Your website is a direct link to your Facebook business page. On Facebook, you can redirect traffic to your website and get into more detail about all of your products.

Author BioMaddison Lake is founder of Everest Direct Mail started in September of 2014 with a small team, on a mission of providing effective direct mail campaigns for defense attorneys to acquire new clients.